China Supplier 300w Solar Panels For Solar Energy System

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1. 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear power output warranty.
2. Improves overall power generation performance by adopting battery cutting technology.
3. Passed CE, IEC61215, IEC61730 and other international certifications.
4. Effective use of solar energy resources to generate electricity, saving a lot of power for the family.
5. Our panels have high output power with excellent shielding loss and temperature coefficient performance.
7. Reduce the shielding effect on energy production, reduce resistance loss and increase power generation.

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1. SUNRUNE Photovoltaic panels come with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear power output warranty. This ensures that you get the maximum investment and you can enjoy worry-free solar power for decades to come.
2. SUNRUNE new multi-busba PERC cell PV panel has revolutionized the solar industry with its advanced semi-cell configuration. These panels assembled with the latest technology and offer several advantages over traditional solar panels.
3.SUNRUNE photovoltaic panels have passed CE, IEC61215, IEC61730 and other international certifications. These certifications ensure that our panels meet strict international standards and are of the highest quality.
4. By using battery cutting technology, These photovoltaic panels effectively reduce the hot spot risk of high-power modules. This not only improves the overall power generation performance, but also increases the reliability of these panels in system applications.
5. SUNRUNE Solar photovoltaic panels can effectively use solar energy resources to generate electric energy, which can save a lot of electric energy in the family.
6. Our panels have high output power and excellent performance in terms of shielding loss and temperature coefficient. So this is definitely your best bet.
7. Multi-busba PERC cells ensure that photovoltaic panels can generate more energy, allowing you to enjoy the highest efficiency and lower energy costs (LCOE).
8. SUNRUNE PV panels are designed to reduce the shading effect on energy generation, this means that you can enjoy more consistent energy production and greater efficiency. Additionally, the reduced shading effect also results in lower resistive loss, which results in increased energy yield.

Product Paraments

Model YZPV-10 YZPV-30 YZPV-50 YZPV-80 YZPV-100 YZPV-120 YZPV-150 YZPV-200 YZPV-250 YZPV-300
The maximum power 10W 30W 50W 80W 100W 120W 150W 200W 250W 300W
Maximum supply voltage 17.8V 28V 30.8V
Maximum power current 0.56A 1.68A 2.77A 4.49A 5.32A 6.74A 7.97A 10.63A 8.92A 9.74A
Open circuit voltage 21.6V 33.6V 36.9V
Short circuit current 0.61A 1.82A 2.99A 4.85A 5.74A 7.16A 8.61A 11.48A 9.64A 10.51A
Application Class Class A
Product size 360*260*17mm 580*360*25mm 700*540*30mm 1015*540*35mm 1200*540*35mm 1330*540*35mm 1480*670*35mm 1630*670*35mm 1480*992*35mm 1640*992*35mm
G.W 22.28KG 28.3KG 22.48KG 33.72KG 38.24KG 43KG 24KG 31KG 35KG 40KG
Outer box size 52*38*27cm 65*34*38cm 69*34*44cm 103.5*22.5*56cm 122*22.5*56cm 134*22.5*56cm 112*22.5*56cm 165*9*69cm 149*9*100cm 165*9*100cm
Volume 0.064m³ 0.091m³ 0.091m³ 0.134m³ 0.164m³ 0.174m³ 0.106m³ 0.138m³ 0.154m³ 0.173m³
Material 10BB PERC single crystal half cell, toughened glass,EVA, aluminum frame

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