RP Series solar Energy Inverters

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1. Pure sine wave off-grid inverter
2. Intelligent fan control to extend the lifetime
3. Six power levels from 1kW to 6kW for your choice.
4. Adopts reliable SMT industry standards to reduce interference.
5. Colour LCD display is easy to use and supports the use of lithium batteries.
6. This inverter offers customizable AC/battery input settings and is compatible with generators.
7. It has an automatic restart function, overload and short circuit protection, and an intelligent battery charger design.

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1. With the configurable AC/battery input priority via LCD setting means you can customize the settings to best suit your specific needs. Additionally, the inverter is compatible with generator power, so you can use it in a variety of situations.
2. The auto restart feature means that even if the AC power is disrupted, the inverter will automatically restart when power is restored. This feature is especially helpful in areas that are prone to power outages or other disruptions.
3. Safety is also a top priority with this inverter, which is why it comes equipped with overload and short circuit protection. This ensures that your devices are protected from damage and that they will continue to function properly.
4. The smart battery charger design, which optimizes battery performance for long-lasting power. Additionally, the cold start function allows you to start the inverter in cold temperatures, making it incredibly versatile.
5. The color LCD display is easy to read and user-friendly, and the inverter supports the use of lithium batteries. this pure sine wave inverter is an incredibly versatile and convenient addition to any household or business.
6. Supports the use of lithium battery, easy operation.
7. Overload and short circuit protection and with Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance.
8. Six different models, you can choose according to the demand.
9. With the intelligent fan control, prolong service life, reduce noise when you use this inverter.
10. Adopt the mainstream SMT industry of the electronics industry, high reliability, seismic ability, reduce electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Product Paraments

Model Number RP 1000 RP 2000 RP 3000 RP 4000 RP 5000 RP 6000
Rated Power 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W
Voltage 100/110/120VAC;220/230/240VAC
Selectable Voltage Range Wide Range:75VAC-138VAC;155VAC-275VAC (for home appliances)
Narrow Range:82VAC-138VAC;165VAC-275VAC (for personal computer)
Frequency 40-70Hz (50Hz/60Hz) 100/110/120VAC (±5V);220/230/240VAC (±10V)
AC Voltage Regulation (Batt Mode) 100/110/120VAC (±5V);220/230/240VAC (±10V)
Surge Power 2000VA 4000VA 9000VA 12000VA 15000VA 18000VA
Efficiency (Peak) 88% 91%
Transfer Time <20ms <10ms
Wave form Pure sine wave
Battery Voltage 12V 24V 12V/24V/48V 24V/48V 24V/48V 24V/48V
Charge Current 35A 35A 75A/50A/25A 70A/35A 75A/45A 75A/50A
Fast Charge Voltage 14.3VDC for 12V(*2 for 24V,*4 for 48V)
Float Charge Voltage 13.7VDC for 12V(*2 for 24V,*4 for 48V)
Battery Low Voltage Alarm 16.5VDC for 12V(*2 for 24V,*4 for 48V)
Over Voltage Protect 10.5VDC for 12V(*2 for 24V,*4 for 48V)
Battery Low Voltage Shutdown 10.0VDC for 12V(*2 for 24V,*4 for 48V)
Protection over charging,over temp,over battery voltage,over load,short-circuit
Operating Environment Temperatur 55℃
Cooling Intelligent Fan
Display LED
Specification Setting By LCD or position machine:Charging current,battery type,input voltage,output frequency,wide and narrow of AC input voltage,power-saver model,AC priority or battery priority
Dimension,(D*W*H)mm 390*221.6*178.5 495*257*192 607*345*198
Net Weight (kg) 11.4 15 25.2/24.6 34.4/33.8 37.9/38.2 41.6/40.5
Humidity 5-95% Relative humidity (No-condensing)
Operating Temperature -10℃-50℃
Storage Temperature -10℃-60℃

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