High Efficiency 500W 550W Mono cigs Solar Panels For Solar System

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1. Reduces resistance losses, increasing power generation.
2. Use of advanced 182 Series PERC crystalline silicon half-cell technology.
3. Passed many international certifications, such as CE, IOS, IEC61730, etc.
4. 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear power output warranty.
5. Efficiently utilises solar energy resources to generate electricity for home use.
6. Adopting cell cutting technology to effectively reduce the risk of hot spots in high power modules.

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1. SUNRUNE latest solar panel products, which utilize cutting-edge 182 series PERC battery half-cell technology. Our panels boast both high output power and excellent performance in terms of shielding loss and temperature coefficient.
2. By utilizing battery cutting technology, The PV Panels effectively reducing the risk of hot spots in high-power components. This not only improves overall power generation performance but also increases the reliability of these panels in system applications.
3. The PV panels of SUNRUNE have passed several international certifications, such as CE, IOS, IEC 61730 and so on. These certifications ensure that our panels meet rigorous international standards and are of the highest quality.
4. SUNRUNE 500-550W solar panels are the perfect blend of form and function. They're powerful, reliable, and environmentally-friendly, all while giving you the flexibility to choose the model that's right for you.
5. SUNRUNE PV panels come with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear power output warranty. This ensures that you get the most out of your investment, and you can enjoy worry-free solar energy for decades to come.
6. SUNRUNE PV panels are designed to reduce the shading effect on energy generation, this means that you can enjoy more consistent energy production and greater efficiency. Additionally, the reduced shading effect also results in lower resistive loss, which results in increased energy yield.
7. Solar photovoltaic panels can effectively use the solar energy resources, so as to generate electricity, in the household can save a lot of electricity.

Product Paraments

Electrical characteristics
Module type YZPV-525 YZPV-530 YZPV-535 YZPV-540 YZPV-545 YZPV-550
Max power(Pmax) 525W 530W 535W 540W 545W 550W
Max power voltage(Vmp) 41.47V 41.63V 41.80V 41.96V 42.12V 42.28V
Max power current(lmp) 12.66A 12.73A 12.80A 12.87A 12.94A 13.01A
Open circuit voltage(Voc) 49.59V 49.74V 49.89V 50.04V 50.18V 50.32V
Short circuit current(lsc) 13.55A 13.62A 13.69A 13.76A 13.83A 13.90A
Module eff(%) 20.31% 20.51% 20.70% 20.89% 21.09% 21.28%
Output power tolerance 0~+5W
Temperature coefficient of Pmax -0.360%/C
Temperature coefficient of Voc -0.280%/C
Temperature coefficient of Isc 0.050%/C
Standard test conditions Irradiance1000W / m2, batterytemperature25 C,spectrum am1.5g
Structural parameters
Solar Cells Mono PERC182x182mm Front Cover Glass 3.2mm high light transmittance,low iron tempered glass
Number of batteries 144(6X24) Frame Anodic alumina alloy
Component size 2279+2mm*1134+2mm*35+1mm Component weight 27.5KG+3%
Connection box P68, three diodes Connector QC4.10(1000V) QC4.10-35(1500V)
Cross sectional area of output conductor 4mm2(IEC).12AWG(UL) Output wire length 300mm(+)/ 400mm(-)
Application conditions
Maximum system voltage DC1500V(IEC) Maximum staticload,front 5400Pa(1121b/ft3)
Operating temperature range -40C~+85C Maximum staticload, back 2400Pa(501b/ft3)
Maximum rated fuse current 25A Through hail test 25mm diameter,impact speed23m/s

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