540W2 Outdoor power station SL80-S1 (540W2)

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1. SUNRUNE multifunctional Outdoor Charger Power Station With the small size and portable design,Which is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures.
2.This solar power charger station comes with a large capacity of 135000mAh, which is more durable than ever.
3. The upgrade to large capacity ensures that the machine has a 365-day charging life and discharge protection. This means that you can rely on our machine even during extended power outages, keeping you connected to the world around you.
4. It has three charging methods to choose from, allowing you to utilize the charging method that is most convenient for your application scenario. The handheld design of the machine also makes it easy to carry around, ensuring that it is readily available whenever you need it.
5. With the independent switch feature, you have complete control over the machine's power usage.
6. The large capacity built-in battery offers long battery life, ensuring that you stay connected to the world even during extended outdoor trips. With intelligent fast charging, you can safely and efficiently recharge the machine, ensuring that it is always ready for use.
7. SUNRUNE solar power charger station is made with polymer flame-retardant materials, ensuring that it is completely safe to use, even in emergency situations.
SUNRUNE solar power charger station have the capable of providing 540W outdoor power supply, making it the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts.

Product Paraments

540Wh Solar Energy Storage System
Battery 12V 45mAh (LiFePO4battery)
12V10A Output ports 4pcs
5V2.5a USB ports 2pcs
3W LED lighting 1pcs
18V solar charging ports 1pcs
Accessories Solar panel+2 light bulbs+1 AC charger+USB cable
Multifunctional Radio, MP3, Bluetooth
Inverter power 220V,540W,pure sine wave
4pcs/carton size 16.5*17.5*25cm
Price includes power supply*1pcs
User manual *1pcs,
AC charger*1pcs,
5W LED Bulb*2pcs,
5m bulb Wires*2pcs,
solar panel 10W*1pcs.
Pearl cotton packaging
CE certificate

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