720W out door power station SL-92 (720W)

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1. This product boasts a large 720W capacity, making it convenient for all your outdoor power supply needs. Whether you want to charge your smartphone or power your camping gear, this product can satisfy you.
2. SUNRUNE Outdoor Charger Power Station Featuring an air cooling system, this power supply unit maintains low noise levels while ensuring fast heat dissipation.
3. This Product comes with an intimate electric lamp design that lets you work or play without fear of darkness. The LED light is both bright and energy-efficient, ensuring you have a reliable source of light at all times.
4. It adopts high polymer flame-rotten material, ensuring it can withstand extreme weather conditions. With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and the ability to cycle 800 times, the power supply unit is built to last.
5. Portability is a core feature of this product, as it's easy to carry and transport.
6. SUNRUNE Outdoor Charger Power Station has a large capacity, making it suitable for powering multiple devices simultaneously without any issues. Safe charging is guaranteed, thanks to the reliable circuit protection system that ensures voltage and current stability.
7.This outdoor power station can be charged in three ways, you can select a charging mode based on the application scenario: Solar fast charging; Power fast charging and Car charging.
8. With the Lithium battery, you can stay connected for longer periods, and the Pure Sine Wave ensures that your devices are safe from power surges and fluctuations. And the Independent Inverse Switch allows you to turn off the station whenever you're not using it.
9. Whether you're planning a camping trip or a outdoor party, you must need an emergency. power supply source, this product will come in handy Which can get the best of both worlds by enjoying a powerful 720W outdoor power supply.

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720Wh Solar Energy Storage System
Battery 12.8V/60mAh (LiFePO4battery)
12V10A Output ports 4pcs
5V2.5a USB ports 2pcs
3W LED lighting 1pcs
18V solar charging ports 1pcs
Accessories Solar panel+ light bulbs+AC charger+USB cable
Multifunctional Radio, MP3, Bluetooth
Inverter power 220V,540W,pure sine wave
4pcs/carton size 37*31*41cm
Price includes power supply*1pcs
User manual *1pcs,
AC charger*1pcs,
5W LED Bulb*2pcs,
5m bulb Wires*2pcs,
solar panel 1pcs.
Pearl cotton packaging
CE certificate

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