DPC plastic impeller deep well pump

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1. The DC/AC solar water pump is designed to meet the growing demand for water pumps that can function efficiently and effectively using solar energy.
2. With the increasing concern for environmental sustainability, our DC/AC solar water pump provides a reliable source of water for irrigation, domestic use, and other applications while reducing carbon emissions.
3. This DC/AC solar water pump features a DC brushless permanent-magnetic synchronous motor that provides high speed and high efficiency. This motor ensures that the pump can operate effectively even in low light conditions. The motor coil is made by an automatic winding machine with centralized winding technology, which enhances motor efficiency.
4. The pump shaft is made of high-quality 304 S/S, and the pump features a high-quality bearing and an alloy mechanical seal that provides durability and reliable performance.
5. The pump is designed with intelligent water shortage protection, which automatically stops working when the well runs dry, ensuring it does not damage the pump. After 30 minutes, the pump automatically starts working again, which helps prevent the well from running dry.
6. This DC/AC solar water pump is suitable for various applications, including domestic use, irrigation, water supply for livestock, and many others. Unlike traditional pumps, which require an external power source, the DC/AC solar water pump uses solar energy, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
7. This DC/AC solar water pump comes with a controller that makes it easy to operate. The controller allows you to adjust the water flow rate and monitor the operation of the pump. The controller also ensures that the pump operates optimally, which helps to extend the life of the pump.

Product Paraments

item voltage Best input voltage(DC) Power Max flow (m3/h) Max head (m) Outlet (inch) cable
4DPC6-56-110-750-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 750W 6m3/h 56 1.25" 2m
4DPC6-84-150-1100-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 1100W 6m3/h 84 1.25" 2m
4DPC6-112-150-1300-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 1300W 6m3/h 112 1.25" 2m
4DPC6-135-200-1500-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 1500W 6m3/h 135 1.25" 2m
4DPC9-45-110-750-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 750W 9m3/h 45 2" 2m
4DPC9-58-150-1100-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 1100W 9m3/h 58 2" 2m
4DPC9-71-150-1300-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 1300W 9m3/h 71 2" 2m
4DPC9-85-200-1500-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 1500W 9m3/h 85 2" 2m
4DPC13-36-110-750-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 750W 13m3/h 36 2" 2m
4DPC13-49-150-1100-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 1100W 13m3/h 49 2" 2m
4DPC13-54-150-1300-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 1300W 13m3/h 54 2" 2m
4DPC13-60-200-1500-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 1500W 13m3/h 60 2" 2m
4DPC17-48-200-1500-A/D 110V-240V 80V-400V 1500W 17m3/h 48 2" 2m

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