Solar Swimming Pumps With Solar Panel For Swimming Pool Use

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1. Our state-of-the-art pool pump, equipped with a permanent magnet brushless DC motor, that operates smoothly and efficiently to keep your pool impeccably clean. The motor is designed without hall, providing a seamlessly silent operation that makes the pool pump an absolute necessity for every pool owner.
2. This pool pump prides itself with premium motor control equipment, outfitted with a 32bit MCU that ensures a high level of accuracy, reliability, and durability even in harsh weather conditions. Our motor control system uses a field-oriented control (FOC) technique that guarantees high efficacy in consuming electricity while delivering optimal performance.
3. This pump makes use of a sine wave current that provides constant and stable power supply, mitigating the risk of a sudden dip in performance, so that you can enjoy your pool without any unnecessary disruptions.
4. In a compact and robust controller housing made of die-cast aluminum, this feature improves pump life and reduces the risk of potential damage caused by dust, moisture or other environmental factors.
5. Our commitment to quality is evident as we are offering a time warranty of two years ensuring your investment is protected. Buying our pool pump guarantees you a long-lasting, reliable and efficient product that promises to deliver an excellent performance for many years to come.
6. This pool pump is the perfect appliance for every pool owner- designed to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency in pool pump technology.
7. The pool pump provides a smooth and noise-free operation, is made with durable and robust materials while boasting exceptional performance- making it one of the best options in the market.

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Model Power Voltage Max flow (m3/h) Max head (m) Outlet (inch)
DLP15-14-48-500 500 48 15 14 2"
DLP20-19-72-900 900 72 20 19 2"
DLP27-19-72-1200 1200 72 27 19 3"
DLP27-19-110-1200 1200 110 27 19 3"

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