Portable Solar Mobile Power Charger 20000mah Power Bank

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1. The 20000mAh Solar Charging Treasure is the perfect solution for all your outdoor power needs. This powerful device is designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously, making it ideal for outdoor trips, camping adventures, and emergency situations.
2. With its Micro USB and Type-C dual input, you can easily charge the device in just 8 hours. Simply plug in both cables at the same time for a quick and efficient charging experience. It is recommended to use a charging head above 5V/2A to ensure optimum charging speed.
3. The Solar Charging Treasure supports a Type-C Input Output, and 2 USB Outputs, and even includes a Qi Wireless Charger. This allows you to power up to 4 devices at the same time, ensuring that you and your companions have a reliable power source wherever you go.
4. the Solar Charging Treasure is designed to keep working even in the toughest environments. With its IP54 rainproof, dustproof, and shockproof construction, you can be sure that your device will stay protected against all kinds of outdoor elements.
5. Whether you are enjoying the great outdoors or facing an emergency, the Solar Charging Treasure has got your back. It has a 300mA charging current minimum and can withstand 20000LUX sunlight intensity. This ensures that you can keep your equipment working normally even when you're far away from civilization.
6. Fast Charging Power: Fast Charger - Combining QC3.0 and Power Transfer fast charging technology, it allows you to charge your phone with a maximum of 5V 2.1A charging power, it will automatically pair your device with the most suitable charging result, greatly reducing your charging time.
7. Easy to carry, this Solar Power bank is a smaller, lighter portable charger, so it fits easily in any pocket or bag and can be carried anywhere.

Product Paraments

Model Number YZKJHDL72-519
Solar power 20000mAh
Input Micro:5V2.1A
Output 5V-3A,5V-3A
Material Plastic ABS
Product size 167*84*22mm
Weight 300G(Product)+57G(Packing accessories)
Color Black, green, Red, blue,orange
LED light Steady Light- Strobe

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