High Efficiency MPPT 48V 24V Solar Charge Controller for Solar System

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1. Small solar system controller, built-in overcurrent/short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection.
2. Anti-reflux circuit, ultra-low heat value automatic recovery, no damage to the controller.
3. Easy installation, MPPT automatic identification, multiple charging protection.
6. The controller adopts an LCD liquid crystal screen setting.
4. Suitable for solar power generation systems, smart homes, solar chargers, etc.
5. With light control time control function, can be controlled by sunlight, and timed discharge.
7. Shell using ABS engineering plastics, impact resistance, high ignition point, corrosion resistance, the use of more peace of mind.

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1. Small solar system controller, 12V, 24V automatic recognition. Built-in over current/short circuit protection, reverse protection. Double MOS anti backflow circuit, ultra low calorific value are automatic recovery, no damage to the controller.
2. The MPK2 controller features easy installation, automatic recognition of MPPT, multiple protection for charging, and optical time-control and performance chips.
3. Within LCD color screen, to ensure that one button to complete the operation, the battery is full of automatic disconnect, can achieve automatic memory data storage.
4. Suitable for solar power system, smart home, solar charger, solar monitoring system solar light box, solar billboard, solar warning light, etc.
5. This controller has light control time control function, can be controlled by sunlight, time discharge.
6. With high-power multiphase MPPT charging module, high stability, charging efficiency up to 97%, multi-stage charging controller mode, control parameters can be set.
7. The controller adopts the LCD LCD screen setting, the display timing setting corresponds to the LCD display -, clear and intuitive at the same time, one-button operation can complete the setting.
8. With thickened heat dissipation backplane material, improve heat dissipation performance MOS tube close to the heat dissipation plate design, can operate normally in 60 degrees environment temperature.
9. The shell is made of ABS engineering plastic, which has the characteristics of high strength impact resistance, high ignition point, corrosion resistance, fast effect and high service life and peace of mind.
10. Using large section, large spacing of the connection port, can be installed in the 6MM wire, wire spacing 95MM increase insulation performance and installation reliability, effectively reduce circuit voltage drop, reduce loss.

Product Paraments

Model Number MPK2-40 MPK2-60 MPK2-80 MPK2-100
Maximum PV open circuit voltage 150V (at the lowest temperature) ,138V (at a standard temperature of 25°)
 Minimum PV voltage 20V/40V/60V/80V
Rated Charge Current 30V 40V 50V 60V 80V 100V
PV maximum input power 12V 390W 520W 650W 780W 1040W 1300W
PV maximum input power 24V 780W 1040W 1300W 1560W 2080W 2600W
PV maximum input power 36V 1170W 1560W 1950W 2340W 3120W 3900W
PV maximum input power 48V 1560W 2080W 2600W 3120W 4160W 5200W
System voltage 12V/24V/36V/48VAuto
Rated Discharge Current 20A 30A 40A 50A
Own consumption <35mA(48V)
MPPT highest accuracy 99%
Maximum charging efficiency 97%
Charging control mode Multi-stage(MPPT, Absorption, Float,Equalization, CV)
Float charge 13.8V/27.6V/41.4V/55.2V
Absorption charge 14.4V/28.8V/43.2V/57.6V
Equalization charge 14.6V/29.2V/43.8V/58.4V
Load disconnection(LVD) 10.8V/21.6V/32.4V/43.2V
Load reconnection(LVR) 12.6V/25.2V/37.8V/50.4V
Load control mode Normal, light control, light and tinning control, timing control, reverse light control
Light control point voltage 5V/10V/15V/20V
Battery Type GEL, SLD,FLD and USR(default),Lithium batteries customization 3series 3.7V,4 series 3.7V,4series 3.2V, 5series 3.2V
Human interface LCD with backlight 3 buttons
Cooling mode AL alloy heat sink and cooling fan
Wiring High current copper terminal<25 mm2 (3AWG)
Temperature probe line length 3 meters
Communication mode RS485,RJ45 port
Working temperature range -20~ + 55°C
Storage temperature range -30~ + 80°C
Humidity 10%~90% No condensation
Note: Please operate at the ambient temperature allowed by the controller. If the ambient temperature exceeds the allowable range of the controller, please derate it

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