Solar Charger Controller Auto PWM Controllers With LCD Display

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1. The charge controller is able to detect the system voltage level automatically.
2. Automatic temperature compensation function.
3. With real time performance statistics function.
4. Battery temperature compensation function.
5. The charge and discharge control parameters are fully adjustable.
6. The battery has reverse polarity protection and over-current protection function.
7. four stage PWM charge: strong charge, boost, float and equalize.
8. Four battery charging methods are available for lithium battery, gel, open and user mode.

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1. This charge controller is its ability to automatically identify the system voltage level. This means that the controller will be compatible with a wide range of solar panels and battery systems, allowing for greater flexibility and ease of use.
2. The Automatic Temperature Compensation feature ensures that the controller is able to adjust its charging parameters based on the temperature of the battery system, resulting in optimal performance even in extreme weather conditions.
3. The charge-discharge control parameters are fully adjustable, allowing you to customize the charging and discharging process to suit your specific requirements. This enables you to maximize the lifespan of your battery system and maintain optimal performance.
4. The Battery Low Voltage Disconnection (LVD) feature protects your battery system from damage due to over-discharging, while the overcurrent protection provides an extra layer of safety and ensures that your system is protected from electrical surges and overloads.
5. The Battery reverse connection protection and overcurrent protection features add yet another layer of safety and ensure that your system is protected from damage due to accidental mistakes or electrical faults.
6. Four-stage PWM charging: strong charging, lifting, floating charging, balance;
7. Lithium battery, colloidal, open and user mode four types of battery charging procedures are optional.
8. The use of liquid crystal display screen design, dynamic display equipment running data and working state.
9. With real-time electricity statistics function.
10. With battery temperature compensation function.

Product Paraments

Model Number LT20 LT40 LT50 LT60
Maximum PV open circuit voltage <50V <50V(<100V)
System voltage 12V/24VAuto 12V/24V/(48V) Auto
Rated Charge Current 10V 20V 30V 40V 50V 60V
PV maximum input power 12V 130W 260W 390W 520W 650W 780W
PV maximum input power 24V 260W 520W 780W 1040W 1300W 1560W
PV maximum input power 48V 520W 1040W 1560W 2080W 2600W 3120W
Rated Discharge Current 10A 20A 20A 30A
Charging control mode PWM
Float charge 13.8V/27.6V/(55.2V)
Absorption charge 14.4V/28.8V/(57.6V)
Equalization charge 14.6V/29.2V/(58.4V)
Load disconnection(LVD) 10.8V/21.6V/(43.2V)
Load reconnection(LVR) 12.6V/25.2V/(50.4V)
Battery Type GEL, SLD,FLD Lithium batteries customization GEL, SLD,FLD
Load control mode 24 hours work, light control, light and timing control
Working temperature range -20~ + 55°C
Temperature Compensation -24mV/°C for 12V system

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