YM643 Dongfeng Solar charging Belt cable

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1. This portable charger is your go-to device for all your outdoor camping trips and travel excursions. It comes equipped with Intelligent Safety Protection, ensuring the safety of your devices while charging.
2. This charger is its solar charging function which enables you to harness the natural power of the sun to charge your devices. The Smart Solar Charger is designed to provide you with the convenience of charging your phones or laptops on the go.
3. This plug-and-play charger is incredibly fast with its charging speed and very easy to use. Furthermore, it has a power indicator function that shows you the charging status of your devices, bringing you a whole new level of convenience. This feature is especially useful when on the go, allowing you to know the charging status of your devices.
4. The Smart Solar Charger is equipped with a super protection function that includes Core Intelligent Protection, Overcharge Protection, Discharge Protection, and Leakage Protection.
5. This charger also includes 4 USB output, which means you can use it to charge multiple devices at once. It is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones, laptops, and USB devices.
6.The Smart Solar Charger automatically identifies your devices to optimize charging speed and efficiency.
7. The core intelligent protection, overcharge protection, discharge protection, and leakage protection are a few of the super protection functions of the Large Capacity Camping Used Solar Power Bank. These functions make it the perfect choice for powering all of your mobile devices while keeping them safe and secure.
8. Not only it's fast-charging, but it's also easy to use, requiring no special software or instructions. With its power indicator function, you can easily check the charging status and bring more convenience to your usage.

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Model Number YZYM-643-3W YZYM-643-4W YZYM-643-5W YZYM-643-6W YZYM-643-8W YZYM-643-10W YZYM-643-12W
Capacity 3,0000Mah 4,0000Mah 5,0000Mah 6,0000Mah 8,0000Mah 10,0000Mah 12,0000Mah
Input 5V/2A
Output         5V/2.1A
Product size 178*82*40mm 178*82*49mm 178*82*59mm 178*82*70mm 178*82*87mm 178*82*105mm 178*82*124mm
Weight 600G 780G 955G 1150G 1480G 1830G 2180G
Features Three input four output/Intelligent control circuit/Entrance/Exit 2A/LED camping light

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