Smart 1200W Micro Inverter with Wifi Monitor On Grid for Solar Panels

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1. The micro inverter has sophisticated grid voltage and current sensing technology.
2. Automatically adapts to local grid conditions
3. Nearly zero power consumption at night
4. Grid fault detection and protection functions
5. Ultra-thin, lightweight, easy to install and save transportation costs
6. IP65 waterproof rating to ensure long service life.
7. Equipped with a series of advanced protection functions, including islanding protection, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-frequency, under-frequency and overheating protection.

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Product Description

1. The 1200W micro-inverter have the feature of cutting-edge on-grid voltage and current data sensing technology. This means that it can automatically adjust to the conditions of your local power grid, ensuring optimal performance at all times.
2. One of the most impressive aspects of this micro-inverter is its ability to consume almost zero electricity at night. This makes it highly efficient and ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of solar power without worrying about increased energy bills.
3. This micro inverter comes equipped with a range of advanced protection functions, including island protection, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-frequency, under-frequency, and over-temperature protection. This ensures that your micro-inverter and solar panels are kept safe and secure, even during the harshest weather conditions.
4. The grid fault detection and protection functions are another key feature of this micro-inverter. With this technology, you can be sure that your solar panels will always be operating at their optimal capacity, regardless of any faults or interruptions in your power grid.
5. The micro-inverter has been designed to connect easily to solar panel DC low-voltage safety input, making it a smart and convenient choice for anyone looking to harness the power of solar energy.
6. Despite its impressive features, our micro-inverter is also ultra-thin and lightweight. This means that it is not only easy to install but also saves transportation costs. The device is also IP65 waterproof grade, which ensures its guaranteed service life.

Product Paraments

Model GTB-1200 GTB-1400 GTB-1600
Import(DC) Recommended solar panel input power (W) 200-300W*4 250-350W*4 275-400W*4
Number of DC input connections (groups) MC4*4
Maximum DC input voltage 52V
Operating voltage range 20-50V
Start-up voltage 18V
MPPT Tracking Range 22-48V
MPPT Tracking accuracy >99.5%
Maximum DC input current 15A*4
Output(AC) Rated power output 1150W 1350W 1550W
Maximum output power 1200W 1400W 1600W
Rated output voltage 120v 230v
Output voltage range 90-160V 190-270V
Rated AC current (at 120V) 10A 11.6A 13.3A
Rated AC current (at 230V) 5.2A 6A 6.9A
Rated output frequency 50Hz 60Hz
Output frequency range (Hz) 47.5-50.5Hz 58.9-61.9Hz
THD <5%
Power factor >0.99
Maximum number of branch circuit connections @120VAC : 2 set / @230VAC : 4 set
Efficiency Maximum conversion efficiency 95% 94.5% 94%
CEC efficiency 92%
Night losses <80mW


Over/under voltage protection Yes
Over/under frequency protection Yes
Anti-islanding protection Yes
Over current protection Yes
Overload protection Yes
Over-temperature protection Yes
Protection class IP65
Working environment temperature -40°C---65°C
Weight (KG) 3.5KG
Indicator lights quantity Working status LED light *1 + WiFi
signal led light *1
Communication connection mode WiFi/2.4G
Cooling method Natural cooling (no fan)
Working environment Indoor and outdoor
Certification standards EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3 EN62109-2 EN55032

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