Smat Micro Inverter GTB-400 Solar Micro Inverter For home use

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1. 400W Micro Grid Tie Solar Inverter
2. Low input voltage for safety
3. Durable construction and simple installation
4. Optimises solar panel output and efficiency
5. Real-time monitoring and control via smart apps
6. Tracks the highest power point and reduces shading effects

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1. The 400W Micro Inverter can help you to achieve the highest power point of tracking MPPT, allowing you to reduce the shading effect caused by obstacles such as shadows, and improve the overall efficiency of your system.
2. One of the main advantages of this micro inverter is its low input voltage and start-up voltage. Typically, the DC voltage is within 18-60V, which means that it protects the use and safety of the inverter and the system, reducing the risk of high voltage shock due to human contact
3. The 400W micro inverter is built to last, with durable materials and advanced technology to keep it operating effectively for years to come. It's easy to install and use, with intuitive controls and features for quick and easy troubleshooting.
4. The 400W micro inverter is a great choice for anyone looking to optimize the output of their solar panels and improve the efficiency of their system. It offers a range of benefits that make it a must-have for anyone interested in renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprint.
5. Smart APP can realize real-time data transmission with the cooperation of Alibaba Cloud lot through graphs and graphic displays in time, users can understand the operation of the power station. The user can monitor the operation and adjust the output power function of the system.
6. The Solar Micro-Inverter is a kind of precise electronic equipment, in order to ensure long-term stable operation, users need to install it in the environment and location according to standard. And also need to avoid sunlight, avoid rain and keep the ventilation.

Product Paraments

Model GTB-300 GTB-350 GTB-400
Import(DC) Recommended solar panel input power (W) 200-300W 250-350W 275-400W
Number of DC input connections (groups) MC4*1
Maximum DC input voltage 52V
Operating voltage range 20-50V
Start-up voltage 18V
MPPT Tracking Range 22-48V
MPPT Tracking accuracy >99.5%
Maximum DC input current 12
Output(AC) Rated power output 280W 330W 380W
Maximum output power 300W 350W 400W
Rated output voltage 120v 230v
Output voltage range 90-160V 190-270V
Rated AC current (at 120V) 2.5A 2.91A 3.3A
Rated AC current (at 230V) 1.3A 1.52A 1.73A
Rated output frequency 50Hz 60Hz
Output frequency range (Hz) 47.5-50.5Hz 58.9-61.9Hz
THD <5%
Power factor >0.99
Maximum number of branch circuit connections @120VAC : 8 set / @230VAC : 1 set
Efficiency Maximum conversion efficiency 95% 94.5% 94%
CEC efficiency 92%
Night losses <80mW
Protectionfunction Over/under voltage protection Yes
Over/under frequency protection Yes
Anti-islanding protection Yes
Over current protection Yes
Overload protection Yes
Over-temperature protection Yes
Protection class IP65
Working environment temperature -40°C---65°C
Weight (KG) 1.2KG
Indicator lights quantity Working status LED light *1 + WiFi
signal led light *1
Communication connection mode WiFi/2.4G
Cooling method Natural cooling (no fan)
Working environment Indoor and outdoor
Certification standards EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3EN62109-2EN55032

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